Periodic Self Examination

Periodic Self Examination improves the chances of identifying the skin cancer early. Once the skin cancer is identified, it is easy to treat your skin and minimize the damage of the skin. Check all areas of your body which includes “hard to reach” areas.

  • Look at your front and back in a full length mirror.
  • Bend your elbows and look at your palms, forearms and upper arms.
  • Examine your legs both front and back and also your buttocks and genitals
  • Examine your feet carefully including soles and between the toes
  • Finally, Look at your face and scalp of your hair by combing your hair

During the Self Examination, you can examine for signs of skin changes. Many people who spent time under sun may have many moles or atypical moles or even the high risk factors for skin cancer and must immediately consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for treatment. Some people may have to do the self exam once in a year, some once in a month based on the skin conditions. Your doctor will recommend the frequency that suits each patient.