About Us

Chicago skin cancer surgery is our #1 focus and the place in Chicago that provides efficient skin cancer treatments. Our skin cancer procedures help in the prevention as well as removal of the skin cancer. Chicago skin cancer surgery solely devotes its services for combating skin cancer.

Dr Speron is experienced in treating BASAL CELL CARCINOMA (BCC), SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA (SCC), & ACTINIC KERATOSIS. Dr Speron is well known and handles patients all over the United States. Even patients around the world contact Chicago skin cancer surgery expert which provides successful treatments. Many lives are saved by Dr Speron using simple as well as complex procedures according to the level of severity of your specific skin cancer.


The medical field has seen several advancements in the technologies that have made the surgeries simple. Plastic surgery is mainly repairing, reconstructing or replacing the physical parts that have defects. The parts that do not have normal structure can be reconstructed to achieve the normal appearance using plastic surgery. This procedure not only deals with reconstruction, it can also enhance one’s appearance and thus give a more appealing look. The goal of our plastic surgery is to boost the confidence level of the patients by making them look good and feel good.


Patient and physician relationship is important for the success of any operation. Mutual trust and confidence is required to ensure that you get the right treatment that will satisfy you. In order to maintain a good relationship with the patients I require the following from you.


1. Communication: Proper communication in the sense you need to understand what treatment is provided, what is the stage of the cancer etc. If you have any doubts, ask me so that I can make it clear for you.
2. Clarification: I am here to clarify for you if you want to know any details about the condition of your skin cancer. You can ask me if you can continue to work, stay at home or do shopping.
3. Satisfaction: I will make sure that the treatment procedures are ok with you. If you feel insecure, I can provide you with an alternative solution that can reduce your discomfort. We can discuss all choices and options.

The best solution for any problem could be better communication. I expect you to be clear in telling me the symptoms so that I can arrange the appropriate treatment for you. Our service also includes educating people about the importance of checking their skin periodically to detect any cancer in the early stages. Feel free to contact Chicago skin cancer surgery for any type of skin cancer - we are ready to treat you.


Dr. Sam Speron